March 15, 2017


Well, Wafers, time for a new post. Only problem is, I have nothing to say. My mind is as blank as that of George Bush. But let's look on the positive side of things (despite my creeping senility). We are slowly coming up on post #300; on 11 years of blogdom (in April); and on 3 million--count 'em!--hits. Could anything be more splendid? When I 1st began this blog, everyone laughed. "Forget it!" they cried. "It'll never get up off the ground!" To which I replied: "But they told the same thing to the Wright Brothers. They mocked Galileo. And look at how history regards them today." "But you aren't the Wright Brothers," they countered; "you aren't Galileo." "No," I responded; "but I am a Wafer with a blog!" And as they say, the rest is history. Waferdom proved to be the only enduring force on the planet, the only--only, mind you--force for good. The highest form of consciousness. And in addition, after nearly 11 years of waging war with them, we defeated the trollfoons. Crushed them out of existence. They have crawled back under the rocks whence they first emerged, beaten and humiliated. So all in all, my critics proved to be wildly off base.

A salute, then, to us: the finest people on the planet (all 171 of us), the only ones working day and night in the interests of Truth and Beauty.


March 05, 2017



It's like there are these days when I wake up, and I think about Janis. I can't help it; I think about Janis. Jesus, it was a voice, and a decade, like no other:

For my parents, it was Enrico Caruso; for me, it was Janis.


February 20, 2017

Another Interview with Guadalajara

February 11, 2017



Rejoice! Hillary is marginalized at last; we never have to see that Botoxed Face, and that insane laugh, again (brr!). The Don is at the helm, as we sail into the sunset.

O&D, amigos; O&D.


February 02, 2017


Hola Waferinos-

Don't have much to say this time around; I'm so excited about all the damage Trumpi is doing, I'm actually speechless. I keep waiting for Ivanka to invite me over for a good ol' fashioned Jewish meal, but thus far she has (cruelly) failed to make contact. Nevermind; as long as Dad continues to dismantle the country, there's not too much to complain about, really.

Trumpi! You da man!


January 20, 2017


The Age of Trump Begins!