September 21, 2016


OK, Waferinos-

Nothing special to report. I suggest we keep mapping the inevitable decline of the US, while never forgetting that Hillary is a douche bag and has Botox in her face. Although Trump is too polite to mention these facts during the forthcoming debate (Sept. 26), I'm hoping at least a few Americans will have them in mind. But wouldn't it be great if Trumpo were to suddenly declare, "Look, Hillary: the truth is that you are a douche bag, and have Botox in your face." I'm sure that one line would win him the election.

O&D, amigos; O&D.


August 28, 2016

Big Bang Theory and Mr. Apollinax

This is apropos of nothing, but it seemed like a more interesting title than 279. (For clarification, please see last two entries of 278.)

So, Wafers, I am soon to take the big silver bird into the skies, touching down in Chile, where I'll be until Sept. 13. This as of Sept. 1st, so from that day forth, or at least until the 13th, if you could refrain from posting anything, I would appreciate it. I do know that many of you, in the absence of this blog, break out in hives, or get the shakes, and I sympathize: What else might one expect, given the fact that Waferdom is nothing less than the highest form of consciousness on the planet today? Waferdom burst upon the scene 10.5 years ago, and in that time we have done our best to infect the American body politic with a modicum of effort that quite obviously has failed miserably. But we have elevated Lorenzo Riggins to celebrity status, along with Shaneka Torres, and at the same time crushed the trollfoons (who remain bitter and unloved) like so many pathetic cockroaches. We have written to the Pentagon, urging them to nuke Paris and Toronto, and have also petitioned them to equip every policeman in the land with an AK-47, a drone, and a nuclear device, the better to mow down unarmed citizens. In short, Wafers have much to be proud of.

"Love is most nearly itself When here and now cease to matter."

(T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets, "East Coker")


August 17, 2016



Following up on my very last message, if you'd like to devote this thread to America as a land of degraded buffoons, be my guest. Although I'm certainly open to discussions of deli meats, as well as evidence of Hillary's dementia, which shows up every time she laughs. But then, she may also be contemplating her upcoming landslide victory over Trump, who now emerges as the dunce of the century.

Downward, my friends; Into The Pit!


August 04, 2016

An Utter Jackass


I think it's all over but the shouting: Trump is toast. Botox Face now leads him by 10%, thanks to his lack of political savvy. Instead of doing the things that win elections, he's now bogged down in minor personality conflicts that he's blown out of proportion: Ryan, McCain, the Khans, crying baby, etc. A jackass does this, and he's clearly a jackass. Talk about lost opportunities.

Trump's advisers have been trying to get him to change course, stop the jackass behavior, and engage in winning strategies. But it's very hard for a jackass to stop braying, and so Trumpo is throwing away his one chance to defeat Botoxia, get into the White House, and do this country some serious damage. What a waste.

He could have been the End of the End. My Twilight book was about the beginning of the end; DAA was about the middle of the end. Trumpo could have rung the curtain down on the whole farce. But no, instead we are going to have 8 more years of ad hoc crisis management, during which time, I predict, we shall see the emergence of a new, more virulent Trump-type or Trump movement, as Hillary's Weimar admin crashes down and the country becomes increasingly dysfunctional. I wouldn't even rule out the possibility of a coup d'état. She's a douche bag; she has no vision at all, beyond being president (much like Obama); and virtually everyone hates her. Not exactly the best credentials for governing.

So, amigos, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but then I predicted B-Face's victory months ago. Now, it seems like a sure thing, and by mid-November, Trump will retreat into obscurity. Instead of a fast and furious ending, we shall continue to writhe in our death throes. The clowns at the NYT will continue to pen their impotent analyses, social inequality will deepen, Hillary will pick out the targets in the Middle East so drones can murder innocent civilians, the Bernie leftovers will pretend they have some sort of clout, and so on. What more can I say?


July 24, 2016



As I said, time for a new thread, and hopefully a new topic. Kim's haircut might keep us busy for a while; or perhaps the deep sadness of the trollfoons. Or maybe the fact that we are headed for a disaster of major proportions. Multiply Kim's haircut, or any trollfoon's sadness, by many millions, and you are staring at the future of the US. Really, Jefferson had absolutely no idea.


July 15, 2016



I thought of "Morons Out of Control" or "Douche Bags Unleashed" as a possible title for this post, but then just settled for a bland 275. I remain excited about Trump's poll numbers, and hope we can get rid of Botox Face once and for all. He could really put the icing on the cake of our accelerating disintegration, but then it's possible that his hands will be tied and he won't be able to do as much damage as he'd like. But as in the case of late-empire emperors in Rome, he really is a perfect symbol of the end of days. His "presidency" will have about as much validity as Kissinger's Nobel Peace Prize (or Obama's). It's like America will finally, publicly, declare itself to be a joke.